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The Michelin Cross Climate 2 tire. Shop Now. Opens a Dialog
The Michelin Cross Climate 2 tire. Shop Now.


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Purchase 4 select Michelin tires and receive a $130, $100, or $80 Costco Shop Card. Rims Not Included. Shop now.

Save time & money

MICHELIN® Total Performance™ gives drivers and passengers durability, longevity, fuel efficiency, comfort and handling in each tire. Plus, we test them over 1.6 billion kilometres per year to provide you with the confidence to enjoy your drive. You expect a lot from your tires, and we’re happy to deliver.

We imagine the future of mobility

From one scientist in 1893 to a team of 6,000 R&D people today, we’ve always been working to anticipate your changing mobility needs. Using motorsports for over a century as the toughest innovation lab to experiment in, we make sure our tires offer the very best in quality, so you can get to where you’re going safely.

It's more than just a greener tires

We’ve cared about sustainability since before today’s standards. We optimize our facilities to use less energy. We strive to recover every end-of-life tire for recycling. We work to preserve biodiversity through reforestation and preservation programs. All this, because we all think about more than the drive on the way home.

Get everthing you need in every Michelin® tire

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Life happens on worn tires

Even when worn, MICHELIN® Premier™ A/S tires come to a complete stop. Some other worn tires continue travelling at over 24 km/h.Footnote 1 MICHELIN® Premier™ tires are built with our revolutionary EverGrip Technology to maintain wet braking performance and handling—even when worn. Enjoy peace of mind throughout the life of your tires thanks to stopping power that actually lasts.


Our Passenger Tires Shop Now
Our Passenger Tires Shop NowOur Passenger Tires


MICHELIN® Premier™ A/S

Designed with performance in mind whether your tires are new or wornFootnote 2 so you’ll drive with confidence to get where you need to be. Their exceptional grip means you make the stop every time. Forget about the weather and enjoy the smooth and quiet ride on the way.

Our Passenger Tires



Built to take on extreme winter conditions, offer long-lasting winter performance, and reduce fuel consumption over many kilometres, so you have the confidence to fully embrace winter.

Our Light truck and SUV Tires Shop Now
Our Light truck and SUV Tires Shop NowOur Light truck and SUV Tires


MICHELIN® Defender® LTX™ M/S™

Our longest-lasting light truck tire is ready to go the distance. The combination of the LTX™ M/S™2 tire’s proven tread design and EverTread™ compound provides you with durable tread life, no matter the season, even under extreme conditions.

Our Light truck and SUV Tires


MICHELIN® Latitude® X-ICE® Xi2™

Designed to help Crossovers and SUVs hold the road in a variety of wintery conditions, it offers better traction and a smooth drive for cold weather driving mastery.

Our Ultra-high performance Tires Shop Now
Our Ultra-high performance Tires Shop Now Our Ultra-high performance Tires


MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport 4 S

Premium design and performance that provide an exceptional drive for the genuinely passionate driver. Reveal your car’s untapped potential thanks to ultra-precise steering, outstanding cornering power, remarkably good treadlife and unmatched dry and wet grip. All this with a dark velvet effect that is sure to turn heads.

Our Ultra-high performance Tires


MICHELIN® Pilot® Alpin® 5

Acclaimed by premium car manufacturers, it offers safety whatever the winter conditions and improved braking performance on all types of winter road surfaces, without compromising control and driving precision.Footnote 3

Drive with the peace of mind of knowing you're covered

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